Contraception & Your Sex Life: The Good, Bad and In Between.
Today, we're diving into the exciting world of contraception and how it can play a part in your sexy adventures. […]
pills for an abortion in south africa
Exactly What An Abortion In South Africa Entails, And Where To Get One (Safely)
Globally, abortions are considered an essential health service. While it’s not an easy decision to make, you should feel empowered in the rights and services offered in South Africa for safe abortions.
Image of a gonorrhoea test swab
Gonorrhoea: Here’s The Latest, Plus What To Know About This STI
Around two million people in the country get infected with gonorrhoea, which could be an underestimate since most women don’t show symptoms. Here's what to know.
woman swimming demonstrating swimming on your period
Busting Myths About Swimming On Your Period
Many myths surrounding swimming on your period can add to the worry and confusion. Let's debunk some of them.
spread of healthy food eaten with a healthy diet with PCOS
Here’s How To Create A Healthy Diet With PCOS
Cutting out processed foods, exercising regularly and eating healthily are hallmarks for reducing the symptoms of PCOS. But how does it all really work inside your body? CEO of PCOS Diet and PCOS champion, Dr Carmen-Rose Madiebo, lifts the veil.
woman doing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor
Here’s Exactly How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor 
Your pelvic floor muscles are important to your everyday bodily functions. But if these muscles are weak, you’ll find problems […]
woman wearing underwear with vaginal discharge
Got Vaginal Discharge? Here’s How To Tell What’s Normal
Vaginal discharge is a common occurrence among women of reproductive age. It is the body's way of keeping the vagina clean and healthy by removing dead cells and bacteria. While vaginal discharge is normal, it can sometimes cause concern. 
woman with vaginal itching
Vaginal Itching: Here’s What Could Be Causing Your Discomfort
Vaginal itching could be harmless and caused by a small lifestyle change. In some cases, it could point to something more serious.
collection of new contraception
Starting A New Contraception? Here’s What You Need To Know
When starting a new contraception, it’s important to follow a few simple rules for success and make sure everything’s working smoothly. Here’s what to know before starting your new method.
at-home HPV test kit by Zoie Health
Here’s Why Our At-Home HPV Test Kit Is A Total Game-Changer
With the Zoie Health at-home HPV tests, you can feel empowered and know your status quickly, conveniently and in the comfort of your home.
blood on underwear with breakthrough bleeding or spotting
Breakthrough Bleeding, Or Spotting: What It Is And How Long It Should Last
There’s more than enough reason to feel worried when you’re confronted with spotting, or breakthrough bleeding, right in the middle of your cycle.
woman doing workout
Exactly How To Use Your Menstrual Cycle To Maximise Your Workouts
By harnessing the knowledge of your hormones, research is showing that your workouts can be adjusted to make the most of your menstrual cycle.
5 Things Sex Coaches Really Wish You Knew About Sex
We asked sex coaches what they really wished we knew about sex – and we’re woefully misinformed about so much, according to the experts.
Living With Fibroids: Here’s What It’s Really Like
Living with fibroids can be tricky. The condition can go undiagnosed because they’re often presented as long, painful periods, which can be considered “normal”. Sound familiar?
Chronic Pelvic Pain: 4 Ways To *Really* Manage Your Mental Health
It might not seem obvious, but managing your mental health when you’re dealing with chronic pelvic pain is just as important as the pain itself.
The Big O: How Come So Many Of Us Can’t Orgasm?
If you feel like you can’t orgasm, you’re not alone. But there are ways to work it out. We’ve turned to the expert Lindiwe Rasekola for answers.
period pain foods french fries on a fork
Period Pain Foods: The Exact Nosh That Make It Better – And Worse
When it comes to period pain foods, the rules of eating start and end with chocolate. But scientists have been figuring out what's best for beating cramps.
seeds for seed cycling
Here’s How To Regulate Your Periods With Seed Cycling
If you routinely experience period pain during menstruation, you’re absolutely not alone. Studies say that period pain affects anywhere from […]
tampons showing periods
Two Periods In One Month: 6 Reasons Why
Having two periods in one month can be particularly vexing. And yet, it may be your body signalling important changes […]
We Fact-Checked These 4 Major Vaginal Health Claims
Some faulty information might make its way from your phone and into your vagina. We sorted through a few vaginal health claims and fact-checked them.
What Does It Mean When You Have Cramps But No Period?
What if you’re experiencing cramps but no period? If you’re not completely clued into the science, it can be worrisome.
The Morning After Pill
The Morning After Pill: Does It Affect Your Fertility?
So many women think the Morning After Pill (also known as MAP or Plan B) will make them infertile if they take it too often. Here, a fact-check about its impact on fertility.
going off birth control
Going Off Birth Control? Here’s What You Can Expect
There’s no hard and fast rule for how to come off contraception. But if you are going off birth control, be prepared for how your body responds.
6 Legit Reasons Your Period Is Late – Other Than Pregnancy
If your period is late, it doesn’t always mean a baby is on the way. Here, the most likely scenarios informing your period’s latest Houdini.
The Truth About 5 Birth Control Myths, Debunked For Good
We’ve narrowed down some of the biggest birth control myths and fact-checked them.
Period sex pregnant
Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period? Here’s The Truth
Period sex can be super beneficial - but best pause on ditching the condoms, unless you actually want to be pregnant. Here’s why.
woman holding contraception progestin and oestrogen
Finally, The Scoop On Progestin and Oestrogen In Birth Control
Worried about the effects of progestin and oestrogen in your body? Read on to find out exactly how they work when it comes to birth control. 
get rid of period pain
Here’s How To Get Rid Of Period Pain, According To Science 
Luckily, advances in science have taken us out of the dark ages. Now, we know a little bit more about making those few days easier.
The Pill: Here’s (Almost) Everything You Need To Know
It’s an incredibly common form of birth control, one that’s relied on by pubescents and mothers alike for an array […]
contraception no side-effects
Contraception Without Side Effects: Does It Exist?
We get it: dealing with hormones and weight gain, acne, and other nasties seems to just come with the territory […]
Contraception options
What’s Your Contraceptive Personality?
The world of birth control can be a confusing place. Find your perfect contraceptive by picking which aspect is most important to you. 
PCOS and birth control
PCOS And Birth Control: Your Ultimate Cheat-Sheet
PCOS and birth control: a combination you didn't think would work, but can be essential in helping women relieve symptoms and bring back their regular cycle.
Birth Control and Low Libido: The Full Breakdown and What You Can Do About It
Research isn't conclusive about whether birth control reduces libido. That's because libido is seldom affected by one single factor.
Can Oral Contraceptives Help With Endometriosis?
What is endometriosis and what are its symptoms? Endometriosis is a painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue […]
What Is The Difference Between Using Oral Contraceptives and The Morning After Pill?
What are oral contraceptives?  Oral contraceptives or birth control pills are pills that are taken by women at the same […]
Why Some Women Prefer Vaginal Ring As A Contraception Method
What is a vaginal ring? A vaginal ring is a soft plastic ring that contains two hormones – oestrogen and […]
contraception side effects
Exactly How To Manage Contraception Side Effects
Contraception side effects are the biggest contributors, after lack of access, to women choosing to opt out of contraception use.
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