Birth Control and Low Libido: The Full Breakdown and What You Can Do About It

Does birth control lower libido?

There is no conclusive research that proves birth control can single-handedly reduce your libido. That’s because libido is seldom affected by one single factor. However, a lot of women experience increased sex drive during the time that they ovulate and because birth control works by preventing ovulation, women may stop experiencing this heightened period of sexual arousal every month. 

How to deal with a low libido after starting a new form of birth control

If you notice a lowered libido since starting birth control and there are no other changes that you have experienced that could be contributing factors then you should consider switching to different birth control that may be more aligned with your body. 

However, if you have been using the same type of birth control and only recently noticed changes in libido it is worth considering that there may be other external factors causing this such as stress, relationship problems or other prescription medication such as antidepressants which are known to dampen your sex life. 

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What you can do about painful sex 

Arousal is a very important factor in your body producing lubrication that can make sex comfortable as well as pleasurable. If your libido is low, that may result in you not being able to lubricate well on your own even when you are in the mood, in which case you will need to use a water-based lubricant in order to make sex more comfortable for you. 

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