Book a 15min virtual consult with a qualified doctor and get a script!

Contraceptives delivered to your door from R200!

ZERO commitment, cancel anytime

Free delivery with automatic refills

Private and discrete packaging designed with you in mind

Access online community of women & medical experts

*ZERO Commitment, cancel anytime

How MyContraceptive® works in 3 steps


Book a consult with a registered healthcare provider and consult online using a secure link.


Your script will be sent to you and will be used to get your medication from a registered pharmacy.


Your medication will be delivered to your door 24 – 48 hours after your consult.

Curious about what the MyContraceptive® experience is like?

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from our patients.

Zoie Health Founders

Zoie Health is Africa’s first digital women’s health clinic. We focus on family planning, fertility and maternity care. We use technology to make women's and family health & wellness in South Africa more convenient, affordable and caring.

Never forget to get your monthly contraception again!

MyContraceptive® by Zoie Health is an online contraceptive delivery service in South Africa. It offers some of the most effective birth control methods, all from your mobile device in the comfort of your home.
Now you can consult with our medical experts to find the best contraceptive for your needs as well as monthly delivery to make sure you never forget to take your contraceptive.

Ready To Find Birth Control That Fits Your Lifestyle?

Meet your healthcare providers

We work with licensed healthcare providers who are knowledgeable and passionate about women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Dr Melanie Kruger

Sr Maureen Mosena

Dr Maimunah Solomon


Got Questions About MyContraceptive® ? We Have Answers

How much of my contraception do I get per month?

You will receive a month’s supply of your contraception

How does it work?

- Book your 15 minute consult with our doctor online at and make payment

- Consult virtually using a secure link

- Receive your script via email within 15 minutes

- Subscribe for monthly delivery of your contraceptive

How much does it cost?
  1. It costs R250 for the consult + prescription
  2. For the monthly delivery of your medication, prices vary based on type and brand starting from R200 for cash-paying members and R150 for medical aid members
What areas are you available in SA?

We are available across all of South Africa

Which contraceptives are available?

We have more than 20 types of contraceptives available. The doctor will prescribe what works best for you according to your health history and needs.

How long does it take?
  1. The consult is 15 minutes at a time that is most convenient for you
  2. Your contraception will be delivered to you on a monthly basis
Are contraceptives safe?

Yes, these contraceptives have all been approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory authority, although each may come with side effects. Your doctor will discuss what is best for you, depending on your medical history and preferences.

How do I consult the doctor?

You will consult the doctor virtually using a secure link

How do I get my script?

It will be emailed to you after your consult

Where do you deliver to in South Africa

Across all of South Africa

How do I make payment?
  • You will be directed to a secure online payment portal where you can make payment using your card.
  • We can also make arrangements for you to pay by eWallet or EFT
How do I subscribe for monthly delivery?

You will receive an email with your script and the ability to subscribe to monthly delivery of your contraception. The amount for your medication and service fees will be deducted every month.

Who can I contact for help?

You can email us at

What type of contraception do you offer?
  1. The doctor can prescribe the pill, the patch or the injection. We are currently not providing insertable contraception.
  2. The pill and the patch are available for delivery, but not the injection.
Do you take medical aid?
  1. For the consult, you can claim back from your medical aid. You will need to pay first then claim back.
  2. For delivery, if you have valid medical savings, you can claim the cost of the medication from your medical aid.
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